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What is EUROX Vinyl

Eurox Vinyl is a technologically-driven flooring system that uses various type of layering to ensure brilliant performance and aesthetics.


Together with the state-of-the-art surface embossing technique, the transparent layer not only protects the design foil but also gives it a natural appeal.


The design foil is subjected to a special printing process which that results in a more consistent and long-lasting design.

Benefits That Are Steps Above

More Options Translate To Better Application & Creativity By remarkably minimising repetition of the printed designs more options are made available. Thus, according better creativity of its application.

Extended Product Lifespan

EUROX Vinyl is firmly protected by a specially-engineered `double glass membrane` to ensure minimal expansion and shrinkage. This is significant in maintaining the consistency and durability of the vinyl flooring.

Looks & Feels Naturally Beautiful

Get the best of what nature is meant to be, awe-inspiringly beautiful, in every home or workplace. This is made possible with Floor Depot`s innovative `structure press technology` to recreate all the subtleties of natural timber.

Safe & Virtually Soundless

Whether for residential or commercial usage, the EUROX Vinyl, is a safe option. The vinyl backing is also ingeniously designed for better sound absorption

The Advantages